SOULARFLAIR VIDEO PRODUCTIONS makes videos using primarily public domain and stock footage, layered and effected in a highly creative way to create a professional, highly unique and yet very affordable means for bands and artists to gain a visual presence. The days where you could just stick your music up alone and get noticed are long gone. What started with MTV has evolved to Youtube and beyond. But unlike MTV, where the videos made were often extremely expensive, you can now potentially get your band or artist seen by millions, for a fraction of the cost…if you have engaging video…and that’s where SOULARFLAIR VIDEO PRODUCTIONS comes in.

We can also create “lyric videos”, if you have songs with lyrics that you’d like displayed in time as the lyrics are sung.

We deliver a finished video in high-resolution video in MP4 format, totally compatible with sites such as Youtube and Vimeo, and deliver it via secure download within a 3 week time period.

If you look elsewhere, the starting price point for a video is usually $1500AUD, and it’s often much higher. We can create a unique and edgy video of up to 6 minutes in length starting at only $700AUD.  Please email “adam @ soularflair DOT net” and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your needs.

Our videos are ideal for those that appreciate more abstract visualizations rather than literal/”band-member focused” videos. Although if you already have any filmed footage you’d like incorporated, that can easily be mixed in as well.

We can also create scenes for film and TV (eg: montage scenes).

Plenty of examples of our video work can be viewed on the next page…


MUSIC (listen / buy)



If you’d like to show support for Soularflair, there are 3 ways you can do it…and any small gesture is greatly appreciated, and means I can keep making tunes

1. DONATION – Throw me a buck – any contribution at all is appreciated 🙂 This may be a good option if you’ve downloaded any Soularflair music for free (no harm, no foul – most people do it to some extent these days…) but still wanna show a little love. A small donation can be a great way to do this smiley-headphones Just click the following link to make a Paypal donation of the amount of your choosing… 



2. AMAZON AFFILIATE LINKIf you ever buy anything from Amazon, clicking through the link below (and ever better, bookmarking it and using it for future use as well…). It costs you nothing more, but a tiny fraction of Amazon’s profit for the sales gets diverted to me – it’s like a free donation!). Just click on the clink below and a new Amazon window linked to my affiliate code will open (and bookmark it for future use as well 😉 )



3. BUY AN ALBUM – The old-fashioned way. Albums are in highest-res audio and only $8 USD – from Bandcamp ->  either go to the “Music” page above or go directly to






DJ sets -click left picture for set details

  • Dark Bar  (BANGKOK - Dec 2015)
  • Black Pagoda  (BANGKOK - Oct 30 2015)
  • Black Pagoda  (BANGKOK - Halloween 2015 - "Pure Prog")
  • Black Pagoda (BANGKOK - 7-7-15: The Aborted Set)
  • Black Pagoda  (BANGKOK - 1-7-15)
  • Black Pagoda  (BANGKOK - 23-6-15)
  • Black Pagoda  (BANGKOK - 15-6-15)
  • "N'Tice", Abode  (Mar 2015)
  • "NeoEtica - My Bloody Valentine", Abode  (Feb 2015)
  • "Purr", ROOM  (Dec 2014)
  • "Neo-Etica", Abode  (Dec 2014)
  • "Black Label Underground", KISS FM live radio set and interview (Sep 2014)
  • Wonderland  (Sep 2014)
  • Abode  (Aug 2014)
  • Abode  (June 2014)
  • "Purr", ROOM  (March 2014)
  • "Purr", ROOM  (Dec 2013)
  • Burning Seed Festival  (Oct 2013)


If you have any Soularflair Video Productions video questions, or if you have any other questions relating to Soularflair original music or attarraxx DJing, please feel free to email “adam AT soularflair DOT net” and we’ll get back to you ASAP to discuss your video production needs

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